President Says Qualcomm Stays, 35 Comic Cons?

San Diego’s economy dodged a bullet when President Trump prohibited Broadcom’s hostile takeover of Qualcomm and disqualified all 15 of Broadcom’s candidates from standing for election to the board on the grounds of national security concerns.

Potential of a 13,000 Job Loss

Hock Tan is Broadcom’s CEO and is known for ruthless cost-cutting. In an effort to fend him off Qualcomm already has promised to shareholders $1 billion in annual savings, which will mean an end to some of the 13,000 jobs in San Diego.

Qualcomm added 4.9 Billion to San Diego in 2017

Qualcomm is San Diego’s largest publicly traded company and employs about 13,000 jobs locally.

A recent economic impact analysis conducted by San Diego Regional EDC found that Qualcomm added $4.9 billion in economic activity to the San Diego region in 2017 alone — that is the equivalent of hosting 35 San Diego Comic-Cons. Additionally, every job at Qualcomm supports an additional 1.8 jobs in the San Diego region.

Swtiching Gears…How is the market?

Inventory is at an all time low, prices at all time highs. I think there will be a change to this market by the end of the year, or just as soon as interest rates rise .

It was a tough time for property sellers when the market changed in 2007/2008. &there were a lot of ‘I wish I sold when the market was up’ sentiment from sellers.

Now is a good time to sell if you have been wanting to, & only a good time to buy if:

You buy coastal

You plan on living/owning in a home for a long time

You are in a 1031 tax exchange

You are selling & are downsizing/moving to a more desirable area

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