June Newsletter

Are we in a time machine?

With 10% for the past 2 years…It feels like it is 2003, or maybe 2004…do you remember the real estate market in San Diego back then?

Brad and Dave and their team made the recent sale of a house I listed painless and efficient.  Everyone was very helpful, extremely knowledgeable and very professional.  I would recommend Brad and his associates to anyone who has any real estate needs!”

– Edna M. , Seller of house in Pacific Beach

In 2003, and 2004 there was about a 10% appreciation every year, we have now seen that here in San Diego the past 2 years! 2015 has seen property sales prices back to where they were at the top of the last market which has many sellers smiling and selling!

Combine this with Absolutely Crazy & Historically Low Interest Rates and you have a very good market.

ZThe new book by Zillow has tons of helpful info (even though their home price evaluation is not always accurate).   It is packed with stats that are helpful to know when selling your home.  Did you know that when the words captivating and luxurious are used in the descriptions of a property that sellers get an average of 1.6 higher sales price?  We have tons of more stats from this gem of a book that are helping us to get my seller clients more $ for their home!

Now remember what I have been hearing from the 55 years young and wiser who have been through 3-5 Real Estate Market Cycles.  What are they doing with their real estate this year?  They Are Selling Property!  Why?

Because they tell me Brad, even if I miss out on another year or two of appreciation, I want to get out now while the market is up!

Again, most of these sellers are in the 55-70+ age range and have been through enough real estate life experience that I trust their judgments!

The flip side of this, for buyers is that interest rates are sooooo low right now, if you can find a great property, that low interest rate will help shield you from any future price drops.

If we see interest rates go up, then things will get ugly.  Yes I said that and it is not a guess.  When rates go up prices will drop…not so much in the Coastal Areas, but other areas will suffer(see below from my last email describing and reminding you about the last correction).

TO You,  our current, past or potential client… We offer my sincere thanks!  We work hard to provide the most current and relevant market information.  It is important to me to help you make the most informed real estate decisions.

***On Average We Get You 2% More $ for Your Property Sale***

***Check out our Statistics from The San Diego MLS***

  • Over 300 homes sold in San Diego County
  • 98% of List Price  = Brad and Dave
  • 96% of List Price  = San Diego Realtors (avg.%)

Success Stories

‘He has been there anytime I needed him and I know if I need him again he would be there too. Brad gave 100% from the first time he called me till the sale was done.’

-Jim V.

‘We really felt like Brad was on our side throughout the transaction and knew how to navigate the process calmly and effectively’

-Curt and Kim C

‘If you are skeptical on a realtor look no further. You will get what you want and when you want it with Brad. His knowledge on this market is second to none. The most unusual thing about this transaction is his exceptional follow up thru out the entire process, and even after we’ve moved in and got settled. He is one of a kind in this market and this profession’

-Scott & Allison T.

‘Thanks to Brad Brinkman and his team we now have a beautiful new home and a great investment into our future.’

-Ryan & Amanda F.

‘He found my house for me when others could not, in a location that I thought would be impossible. His aggressiveness has given me the opportunity to live in a fantastic place.’

-Trace H., Pilot Hawaiian Airlines., U.S. Navy Pilot

‘You made it easy for us to make this move into our new home because you took on all the worries, handling our transaction with skill and expertise. Specifically we were impressed with your approach to business, treating each and every customer as you treated us; as though we were your most important clients’

-Marcie V.

‘He made each transaction very smooth and it was great peace of mind knowing I could count on him.’

-Rebecca W.