Here’s How Most People Buy a Home

  • Look at the net…
  • Drive Around Looking At Houses…
  • Make some calls on Houses that look nice…
  • Visit an open house…
  • Randomly talk to different real estate agents…
  • Look at the interior of some homes…
  • Make an offer or two or Three…
  • Purchase a home (often for way too much $$, or not the one that you really want)

Does this sound familiar? What’s wrong with this? What’s missing?

The harsh truth too many people spend more time researching what movie to see than which real estate agent to use or what they should know about buying a home!

So they gamble.

One of the most important financial decisions of their life is hanging in the balance, and it all depends on the goodwill of strangers or friends.

You are safe now because with the knowledge you’re about to get your hands on, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. No more wondering what you’re missing out on or how you are going to find the right home.  Now you’ll know the proven successful techniques that seasoned agents, savvy investors, and veteran home buyers use…and you will gain a serious advantage over other home buyers & many real estate agents, all for FREE.

Information You Want Now:

  • Discover sources of homes & investment properties NOT “on the market” or in the MLS (multiple listing service)…that other people don’t know about
  • Find out  “How To Sell Your Home & Buy Another…Without Under-Selling, Over-Paying, Going Homeless, Or Getting Stuck Owning & Paying Mortgages On TWO Homes”
  • Identify seven simple ways to beat out competing offers and save thousands of dollars through some simple positioning strategies for your offer…so you can buy the home of your dreams for $1,000’s less (it’s easier than you think!)
  • Receive daily emails of all the hottest new listings, foreclosures, short sales, estate sales, and probate sales in your desired area & price range, all via the Exclusive Finding the Perfect Home System
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NOW – You Can Find a Home That Isn’t Officially “On The Market” in the MLS

…One that  Many Homebuyers & Agents Are Not Aware Of

Are You…

  • Tired of losing out on homes you may like but you never hear about until they’ve been sold?
  • Sick of driving around looking at over-priced and junky looking homes you’d never want to live in?
  • Frustrated because by the time you see a home it has several offers on it already?

Do you wish there was a easier and less stressful way to buy the perfect home?

If you say “YES!” then you will love what you’re about to learn…

You can either keep putting in bids on properties and hope that you will get them or you can. Get the inside scoop on Homes before they hit the market!

My marketing research systems, plus an average of over 50 outgoing calls to Realtors and owners is the hard work I do to find you the best property and bring you value.   I can  find you unlisted but ‘ready to buy’ homes in your preferred price range and location. How nice would that be?

Consider this fact to help you…

Homes in the San Diego Realtor Multiple Listing Service are often picked over.  The good homes are not known by most real estate agents. And… You’re not likely to hear about them from any other source.

Find Out About My Unlisted Homes…

If you want to know more specifics about not missing out on finding the home you’ve really want in San Diego, then complete the  below form.  I  find homes “Not On The Market” for many of my other clients — Why Don’t you become one of the next clients to grab one of these gems?

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Success Stories

‘He has been there anytime I needed him and I know if I need him again he would be there too. Brad gave 100% from the first time he called me till the sale was done.’

-Jim V.

‘We really felt like Brad was on our side throughout the transaction and knew how to navigate the process calmly and effectively’

-Curt and Kim C

‘If you are skeptical on a realtor look no further. You will get what you want and when you want it with Brad. His knowledge on this market is second to none. The most unusual thing about this transaction is his exceptional follow up thru out the entire process, and even after we’ve moved in and got settled. He is one of a kind in this market and this profession’

-Scott & Allison T.

‘Thanks to Brad Brinkman and his team we now have a beautiful new home and a great investment into our future.’

-Ryan & Amanda F.

‘He found my house for me when others could not, in a location that I thought would be impossible. His aggressiveness has given me the opportunity to live in a fantastic place.’

-Trace H., Pilot Hawaiian Airlines., U.S. Navy Pilot

‘You made it easy for us to make this move into our new home because you took on all the worries, handling our transaction with skill and expertise. Specifically we were impressed with your approach to business, treating each and every customer as you treated us; as though we were your most important clients’

-Marcie V.

‘He made each transaction very smooth and it was great peace of mind knowing I could count on him.’

-Rebecca W.